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Vale do Lobo is a leading European golf and luxury tourism retreat in Portugal’s Algarve. Holidaymakers who choose to rent luxury villas in Vale do Lobo don’t just choose to do so because they enjoy the Algarve sun. This luxury resort features an unrivalled number of facilities and activities for people of all ages to enjoy and is much more than just a luxury resort.

Vale do Lobo has its own private security company which has a strong, visible presence in the resort; something that “would be criminals” would be well aware of. Without doubt this is a valuable sales tool for Vale do Lobo’s real estate agents when meeting with international celebrity clients who need access to reliable security. Hollywood stars, footballers and the international rich and famous have all invested heavily in Portugal’s leading luxury destination and they can often be seen relaxing in a resort which places a high premium on the privacy of its residents. In fact, investments in Portugal’s luxury real estate sector since the global economic crisis have generally experienced more interest from property investors than similar opportunities in neighbouring Spain.

Vale do Lobo has proven itself to be an extremely stable property investment destination. Development in the resort is heavily restricted; this maintains exclusivity and property prices as demand for villas, plots and apartments always outweighs availabilty. The residents of Vale do Lobo want for nothing. The resort’s infrastructure includes: shops, restaurants and bars but there is a strong focus on recreation, with sports centres that include a tennis academy, lawn bowls club and equestrian centre. Add a wonderful beach and you have a luxury resort of considerable standing. It is no wonder that many owners, who perhaps bought their properties with a view to temporary or holiday residency, choose to permanently live in Vale do Lobo throughout the year. If, however, they were to choose to rent their properties, there is a fantastic year-round rental market supported primarily by demand from the UK, Ireland, Holland and Northern Europe.

Buy-to-let property investors can invest in a resort portfolio that includes luxury apartments, and both linked and independent luxury villas; all well constructed and impeccably finished. Due to the resort´s design, all properties have easy access to its ammenities which, of course, include World class golf courses. If you would like to come to Vale do Lobo this year, perhaps for a holiday or even for a property inspection visit, you can rent a villa in the resort through a UK letting agent with support staff based in the resort. Regency Luxury Villas specialise in luxury villa rentals in Vale do Lobo. They have over 20 properties in Vale do Lobo that are available for rent throughout the year. These vary in size from 2 to 6 bedrooms, so there is something for the smallest to the largest of groups to enjoy.

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With feet on the ground in Vale do Lobo, Arcadia Luxury Villas has strong connections to businesses based in the resort and can help you plan your stay in detail. Whether you require a hire car or golf lessons, Arcadia has solutions for these and everything else in between. If you would like to know more about Arcadia Luxury Villas you can visit their website at: So if you are stuck for a choice of holiday destination and could see yourself relaxing on a beach in Southern Portugal this year, why not give Vale do Lobo a try and enjoy some of the many delights on offer in this wonderful luxury resort.